Self Starter Session

The self-starter session is a one-off session with the aim of giving you the knowledge and confidence to train effectively on your own.

The self-starter session provides you with the chance to learn exactly what you want to learn so you can go and achieve what you want to achieve from your training. It’s a fraction of the cost of booking a block of personal training sessions and will also mean that you get the most value from your gym membership, home workouts or outdoor training.

Many people in gyms are either training ineffectively or in a manner that will lead to zero results and/or long term pain. Poor exercise selection and bad technique are just two of the reasons that many gym goers never quite achieve what they’d like to from their training.

A lack of confidence in the weights section often results in people jumping on a cardio machine for an hour and missing out on the benefits that weight training can bring. Weight training is the quickest way to burn fat, build muscle, tone up and become stronger – your cardio can even improve with properly structured resistance training.

How do I do this exercise? How many sets and reps should I do? Am I doing this right? What are the best exercises for me to do to burn fat? How should I structure my training, which exercise should I do first? How do I build muscle and get toned?

These are just some of the questions that are asked regularly and they can all be answered in the self-starter session – specific to you, your training and your goal.

The Session

The self-starter session is not a ‘gym induction’ where you are shown how to use various machines (there are no resistance machines in the Panthera Performance studio) – it is a session where you are shown how to do the exercises that you want to learn and be provided with all the information you need to train effectively on your own.

This session is unique to you – receive coaching on the movements you want to learn and ask any programming or training questions so your training can be more structured and effective.

You will be shown the best way to warm up for the type of training you want to do and you’ll be given a technique tutorial for each movement you’d like to learn.

Book in for a self-starter session to boost the effectiveness of your training, your confidence in what you are doing and learn the proper technique of your chosen exercises.

Self-starter session, 1 hr 15mins, £60

Email and copy in for enquiries.