Private Personal Training Studio in Central Edinburgh

Personal training in a private studio is the quickest and most effective way to reach your health and fitness goals. Without the distraction of other gym members, or even someone being trained by another personal trainer, the focus can be entirely on your training and what you want to achieve. Panthera Performance provide absolutely private one-to-one personal training sessions in central Edinburgh.


The Panthera Performance private personal training studio is located on Royal Terrace (about 5 minutes walk from the Omni Centre) and is equipped with everything you need whether you are completely new to exercise or you are a competitive athlete.

The studio was designed with the wide variety of training needs, preferences and abilities that Jon Reid’s clients have. The studio is equally capable of catering for someone who hasn’t exercised in years and wants to shed a few pounds as it is for an athlete who wants to improve their strength and power.

Studio equipment

  • Dumbbells (light and heavy!)
  • Barbells – including a female barbell (a slightly lighter and thinner bar than a male barbell)
  • Open floor space (for bodyweight movements, general warm ups, weightlifting etc.)
  • Concept 2D Rower (for cardio and high intensity intervals)
  • Step up boxes (also used for many other exercises)
  • Squat rack
  • Resistance bands for stretching, flexibility and mobility work
  • Pull up/chin up bar (part of squat rack)
  • Bench
  • Bumper plates (so you can drop the weights without worrying about damaging the floor or the equipment – please don’t drop them on your toes though)
  • Paralette bars
  • Fast feet ladder (for getting the heart rate up and a bit of fun)
  • Trap (hex) bar
  • Foam roller, lacrosse ball, softball, ‘Battlestar’ (all self-massage equipment for tight muscles and restricted joints)
  • Olympic lifting flooring (whole studio is Olympic lifting flooring)

The layout provides enough space to combine and utilise all of the equipment and many different types of training. Whether you and your goals are best suited to resistance training, cardio, intervals… whatever training style matches your needs, the Panthera Performance private personal training studio can provide.

Private Environment

The entire studio is yours for one hour. The free space, weights, rowing machine, mobility equipment (even the music speakers!) are all yours with no waiting in queues, no gym members, no annoyances – just you, your goal and your training. This means the effectiveness of your personal training sessions are never compromised by equipment availability, peak hours or anything else that might get in the way – they can be planned specifically for your goals and nothing will get in the way of carrying them out.

Get in touch

Personal training in a private studio with Jon Reid is the quickest and most effective way of achieving your health and fitness goals. Check out personal training packages for more info and arrange a free consultation by filling out the enquiry form or email with any questions. Look forward to hearing from you!