Nutrition Simplified 2.0

by Jon Reid, Panthera Performance

The third edition of Nutrition Simplified simplifies even further and includes updated information, real client food diaries and all the information you need to burn fat and fuel for exercise.

A plethora of information is condensed and simplified to remove the confusion so you can start removing fat.

It was written with the busy professional in mind and doesn’t require you to prepare ten meals a day or to purchase any magical powders.

Just simple, quick and easy methods that you can start using straight away and fit into your lifestyle. After reading, you’ll be aware of the food choices you are making and will understand how to make smarter choices that will lead to improved body composition.

Nutrition Simplified 2.0 outlines how you don’t need to count calories to burn fat and provides a better, simpler and quicker method for burning fat.

Learn how to assess your individual ‘fuel’ requirements and learn how you may have been providing your engine with the wrong type of fuel and how to change this.

The who, what, why, where and when of carbohydrates, protein and fats are broken down with practical information on how to structure your eating of each.

Details on how much to eat, why to eat certain macronutrients and the difference between good and bad sources are all provided so that you are left with a clear idea of what the best nutrition plan for you is.

Learn how to minimise the negative effects of alcohol on your body composition and the other factors involved in fat burning such as sleep, stress and supplements are also covered.

Simplify your nutrition; improve your body composition and enjoy the process with Nutrition Simplified 2.0: Eating for fat loss and fuelling for exercise.

Nutrition programs are often made overly complex with detailed calculations and equations about what to eat, how much to eat and when. Nutrition Simplified 2.0 takes all of this away and focuses on a method the busy professional can implement without weighing food or relying on apps to let them know if they are hungry or not.

Take the stress out of your eating and start burning fat by making smart choices appropriate to your requirements and goals. Eat for fat loss whilst fuelling for exercise with Nutrition Simplified 2.0

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