Jon Reid

Owner of Panthera Performance

Jon is a coach, brother, writer, fiancé, athlete, son, comedy enthusiast, grandson, terrible chess player and the founder of Panthera Performance, an Edinburgh based fitness company that provides one-to-one fitness coaching in a private personal training studio.

Jon began his career in the health and fitness industry in 2008 and began coaching clients professionally in 2011, he’s amassed extensive experience in helping people achieve a variety of fitness goals and believes that everyone, regardless of age or starting ability, can benefit from a structured strength and conditioning program…

Jon’s Bio…

Jon has been fascinated by exercise from a very young age. Growing up he competed in every sport he got the chance to play and was always intrigued by the training methods used to enhance both physical and technical performance.

He began reading fitness books and writing his own training programs at the age of 10 and by his late teens had developed a strong enough passion for training to take this passion towards university education. (Go here to skip ahead to Jon’s qualifications.)

Jon Reid - Personal Trainer

Coaching Kids and Free Programs for Friends!

Jon began his coaching career in 2008 by coaching a variety of sport and exercise programs to children with Active Schools Fife, Sports Development Fife and AM Soccer Schools. Around this time he became increasingly interested in weight training and began studying exercise science and practicing everything he learned about. Jon quickly became the ‘go-to’ person amongst his friends for free training advice and he jumped at the opportunity to gain experience in writing and coaching exercise programs (Jon now has bills to pay and so no longer trains people for free, sorry friends).

Personal Training

Jon started his personal training career whilst in his fourth year of a Sport and Exercise Science degree at Edinburgh Napier University. He continued personal training whilst completing a post-graduate diploma in Strength and Conditioning at the University of Edinburgh, after which he decided to go full-time with personal training with the aim of forging a successful career in the fitness industry.

After years of gaining experience working with over a hundred clients in both one-to-one and group environments, Jon decided to set up his own fitness company. Thus, in 2016, Jon created ‘Panthera Performance.’ (Go here to learn more about Panthera Performance.)

Now, in 2018, Jon is based in his own private personal training studio in central Edinburgh where he coaches clients on a daily basis and continues to create and refine the services he provides based on the training and nutrition philosophies he has developed over the years.

Currently, Jon delivers three coaching services:

  1. Exercise and Nutrition Coaching for those who want to lose weight, get in shape and become healthier.
  2. Strength and Conditioning Coaching for those with sports performance, ‘tactical’ or fitness event related goals.
  3. Exercise Technique Coaching for those who want to learn specific exercises so they can train safely and effectively on their own.

Writing, Blogging and Learning

Jon also loves to write about health and fitness; he has authored two e-books and over 100 articles (check out his blog) and has also written for several fitness websites. Jon has also given corporate wellness presentations on how office employees can lead more active and healthy lifestyles and is constantly upgrading his knowledge through participating in a wide variety of both formal and informal CPD.

Other Interests

Outside of strength and conditioning, Jon loves to read, watch live comedy and spend time with his friends, family and lovely fiancé Karina. He has also recently taken up chess, his current Win-Loss record stands at 0-5.