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January 2018 Updates


The website has been given a new look, feel, vibe… hopefully the changes lead to easier navigation and a more aesthetically pleasing user experience. It’s a constant work in progress and there will be more updates and new sections to come! You must be excited.

Big thanks to Dave Mitchell who was absolutely spectacular in helping putting the site together. Dave is as clinical and precise with his web work as he is with his passing on the five-a-side football pitch. (Very precise.)

***Crowd starts chanting***



In the last month I have received around one email asking if I had stopped the blog, and thus I feel it’s only fair to put the mind of this individual at ease…

Mum, the blog has been on a brief hiatus whilst the site was being updated; upon its glorious return to the blogosphere arena, it will take a slightly different approach…

The aim remains to provide useful and practical information for all clients and readers. However, due to a diverse client book and the varying interests of readers there will be three articles a month with one article on each of the following topics:

  • General Exercise and Nutrition (for weight loss and becoming generally healthier)
  • Exercise Technique
  • Strength and Conditioning

Yes, that’s right, I will do what no person has done before — by attempting to completely please no one, I will in fact, please everyone. I think that’s how the saying goes.

But on a much heavier and serious note, as there is a big crossover between the three coaching services, everyone should be able to take something from each article. Phew.

Coaching Services

The diverse range of awesome clients that I work with and get enquiries from has led me to update the various coaching services on offer and I’ve also added a few new ones too!

So, Panthera Performance now offers three distinct coaching services. Each service is one-to-one and is carried out in the private personal training studio…

Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Strength and conditioning coaching is split in to three different areas based on the individual’s goal:

Sports Performance

This is for those who play a sport and are looking to enhance their match performance, become more resilient to injury and generally be a better athlete. (Suitable for both beginner and advanced athletes.)

More info about Sports Performance Training

Fitness Event Training

This is for people who have some sort of fitness event goal they have set themselves such as an obstacle course race (e.g. Tough Mudder, Spartan Race) or a self-set challenge.

More info about Training for Fitness Events

Physical Jobs (also known as Tactical Strength and Conditioning)

This is for police officers, firefighters and military personnel who need to be in – or get in – a certain physical condition for their job or for joining one of the services.

More info about Strength and Conditioning for Physical Jobs

Exercise and Nutrition Coaching

This is for people who want to lose weight, shape up and become healthier; this service is suitable for all shapes, sizes, levels of ability and starting off point.

More info about Exercise and Nutrition Coaching

Exercise Technique Sessions

These are one-off sessions for people who want to learn how to do specific exercises so they can train safely and effectively on their own. So, if you want to learn how Olympic lift, squat, deadlift or any other gym exercises then get in touchThese sessions are suitable for all levels of ability and there is also a session specifically for complete beginners called the ‘self-starter session’.

More info about Exercise Technique Coaching


With the site updates and the beginning of a new year it seems an appropriate time to say big thanks to all of the amazing clients who are a pleasure to work with and to everyone who has supported Panthera Performance thus far, it really is massively appreciated. I wish you all continued success!

Have a great year and be sure to check back in for more fitness tips and information. You might even want to subscribe to receive updates using the form below… thanks! Any comments or feedback send to jon.reid@panthera-performance.co.uk