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Five Easy to Do Health and Fitness Tips

Water When You Wake Up

A cup of water first thing in the morning is a smart decision. It’ll wake you up and give your kidneys what they need to start filtering out toxins. Great start to the day, and you’re not even up yet… 

Move in the Morning

Now that you’re up, let’s get moving. Two to five minutes of light general movement first thing in the morning will get the blood flowing, unglue the cricks and cracks that have accumulated overnight and get your body in gear for the rest of the day.

Some Quick and Easy Examples:

  • Sun salutation sequence or any kind of flowing yoga type movements.
  • Jumping jacks, skipping, high knees or any kind of low impact bodyweight exercise.
  • Walk around your house lifting your knees, rotating your torso, swinging your arms.
  • Dance… to Spice Girls hits from 1996, or some heavy metal, whatever floats your ship.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Pretty straight forward — vitamins, minerals, fibre, energy… try and eat (eat, not drink) some form of vegetable or fruit with every meal and snack. Lots of variety is good too.

Eat Until You’re Just About Full, Not Completely Stuffed

What a concept! Every day isn’t Christmas Day or Thanksgiving. The aim is not to pass out at your desk after a 3,000 calorie lunch.

Eat slowly and be mindful of when you start feeling full. If you’re not sure if you’re still hungry, wait 10-20 minutes and re-assess, chances are you’re full.

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Walk More

Increase your daily energy expenditure by regularly putting one foot in front of the other in a cyclical fashion.

Try to incorporate as much walking in to your day as possible. Walk to work, park further away, take a podcast walk, go walkies at lunch, have the dog take you for a walk… all great ways to get a little more foot stomping in to your day, increase your energy output and get fresh air in to your body.


Implementing these five daily practices can go a long way to establishing habits that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Give them a go!

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