Edinburgh Personal Training Packages

All personal training sessions are delivered in a private personal training studio. No members, no queueing for equipment, no compromised programming – the gym is all yours (for one hour!)

Option 1: The Game Changer (most popular program)

This 12-week program will change the way you approach training, nutrition and your daily activity. It will lead to you becoming a leaner, stronger and more athletic version of yourself and will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to continue on your own after the 12 weeks.
The program provides the most efficient and effective training for your aims, provides you with the nutritional plan to burn fat and helps you integrate healthy living into your day to day life. This truly is a game changer, after the program you won’t view exercise and food the way you do now. Your energy levels, mood and fitness will be such that continuing with your new approach is a given.

How it works: Training, Nutrition and Daily Activity


  • The game changer includes a full review of your nutrition and a nutrition plan specifically for your goals, training, activity levels and lifestyle.
  • This plan will not include any magic shakes or potions, nor will it include eating ten times a day at set intervals. It will include real food, be easy to integrate into your lifestyle and, most importantly, will be sustainable.


The game changer personal training program is based on extensive research and practical application. The first part of the game changer program is a full movement assessment. This assessment is crucial in tailoring the program to you – your movement will determine your Edinburgh personal training program. The program will:

  • Focus in on what you want to achieve, leave out the noise and maximize the effectiveness of your training.
  • Assess and cater for your strengths, weaknesses and limitations.
  • Strengthen your strengths, strengthen your weaknesses and work towards eliminating your limitations.
  • Be designed based on your movement assessment, training goals and posture.
  • Be constantly re-assessed and tweaked depending on how you are responding daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Provide you with the technique, knowledge and confidence to continue on your own after the 12-week program.

Daily Activity

You’ll be given a plan that makes incorporating non-exercise activity into your daily schedule a breeze. This will include information on how to help the fat burning process throughout the working day, how to offset the damage of sitting all day and how to maximize the effectiveness of your training in between times. Don’t worry though, all of these methods are easy to incorporate into your daily schedule – they won’t become a nuisance or require you to dedicate your life to being a “fitness” person!

After 12 weeks

  • You’ll have an effective approach to training that is sustainable, enjoyable and fits your lifestyle.
  • Your nutritional habits will enhance your daily energy, fuel your training and be appropriate to your daily activity levels.
  • You’ll understand the importance of non-exercise activity and how to easily incorporate it into your day to day life.
  • Your strength and mobility will have improved greatly.
  • You’ll have the confidence, technique and knowledge to carry on training on your own after the 12 weeks.

The game changer personal training program has been formulated after years of experience, research and practical application. To eradicate any doubts, this is not a cookie cutter program where you come in and are guided through the same program as everyone else. The program is designed for you based on your goals, your movement competency, your current ability and your daily schedule. It follows a set of principles, methods and techniques that, when intelligently applied to the individual, have proven successful time and time again.

Game Changing Commitment

Time Investment

2 or 3 sessions per week for 12 weeks. Each session is 45mins – 1 hour.

Financial Investment

3 sessions per week (advised for maximum results) Three instalments of £480 (one instalment per month). Equates to £40 per session.
2 sessions per week: three instalments of £320 (one instalment per month) Equates to £40 per session.

If you have any questions about the game changer Edinburgh personal training program then get in touch at jon.reid@panthera-performance.co.uk

  • Sarah Ormerod testimonial for Panthera Performance

I would say if you are thinking about starting PT, have a really clear idea of what your goals are and Jon will make sure programmes are tailored so you achieve them!

Sarah Ormerod
Sarah Ormerod
  • Jim Killough Before and After Edinburgh Personal Training

I would recommend Jon to anyone looking for an experienced, focused and driven PT who’s as interested in you achieving your goals as you are.”

Jim Killough
Jim Killough
  • Emma Pollock Testimonial for Edinburgh Personal Training

Jon is friendly, encouraging and as determined as you are to helping you reach your goal. I’d highly recommend Jon for personal training.

Emma Pollock
Emma Pollock