Nutrition Simplified

by Jon Reid

Nutrition Simplified e-book HD

Nutrition Simplified was written with the busy professional in mind, it provides all the information you need to start burning fat and optimising your body composition but doesn’t require you to prepare ten meals a day or to purchase any magical powders. It does require you to be aware of the food choices you are making and make smart choices. Simplify your nutrition; improve your body composition and enjoy the process with Nutrition Simplified: Eating for fat loss and fuelling for exercise

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Training Manual for Women

by Jon Reid

Panthera Female ebook HD

Panthera Female is the training manual for women seeking to enhance their physique and improve their body composition. Fifty pages of information outlining the key exercises; how to do them properly and how to structure your training. The most common training mistakes women make and the most effective training methods are provided to ensure your efforts are rewarded and you don’t fall into one of many common training traps. Become leaner, stronger and more athletic with Panthera Female: Training Manual for Women

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