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7 Tips for Fitness Success

Follow these 7 tips and you'll be on the right track!
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RAMP: The Basics of Warming Up

Follow the RAMP protocol for an effective warm up...
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Warm Up FAQ

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Dumbbells vs. Barbells

Ronaldo vs. Messi, Mars vs. Snickers, Dumbbells vs. Barbells.... answers to the great debates...
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Goblet Squat Technique

Learn the technique of the Goblet Squat..
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New Year's Resolutions: Quick Tips

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5 Lessons I Learned from a Garage Workout in San Diego

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Chin-Ups (How to Achieve Your First Chin-Up)

I was invited to Warner Brothers Studios, which led to an article about chin-ups...
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Does How Much Weight You're Lifting Matter?

Get your priorities straight!
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Is Strength and Conditioning Important for Sports Performance?

S&C can make a BIG difference...
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Five Easy to Do Health and Fitness Tips

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Getting Up With Chucky C! How to: 'Turkish Get Ups'

Chucky C shows you how to do a Get awesome whole body exercise...