Jon Reid – Personal Trainer

Jon has been fascinated with improving physical performance from a young age. Growing up he competed in every sport he got the chance to play and was always intrigued by the training methods used to enhance performance. Jon began coaching the technical aspects of a variety of sports whilst helping friends with their physical training part-time. During this time Jon developed a strong passion for the physical development of the people he was working with and took this passion towards formal education and personal training.

Jon started Edinburgh personal training whilst in his fourth year of a Sport and Exercise Science degree (from which he graduated with first class honours) and continued personal training whilst completing a post-graduate diploma in Strength and Conditioning at the University of Edinburgh. He has amassed extensive experience in enhancing the physical performances and body compositions of clients from varying backgrounds, all with unique capabilities, goals, ages and interests.

As an athlete, coach and personal trainer, Jon has observed and received – what he believes to be – some of the best and worst coaching practices in sport and exercise. These contrasting experiences are the root of his attention to detail, his constant reappraisal of client’s programs and his passion for providing a service of the highest quality. He has developed his own approach and philosophy towards personal training and nutrition, believing in blending tried and tested scientific principles with practicality.

Jon’s personal training philosophy is one of achievement with a focus on mastering the basics. Simplicity is at the forefront of his programs; Jon believes that solidifying a foundation of good habits and principles will lead one towards long-term success. In an attempt to keep things simple he combined forces with mathematicians at Harvard University to come up with an equation that sums up his approach to acquiring a leaner, stronger and more athletic body, regardless of your starting off point:

Good movement + strength + conditioning + smart nutrition = Leaner, stronger, more athletic and healthier

Office workers, students, people who have not exercised in 20 years and competitive athletes have all benefited from this approach (check out some testimonials). Jon applies this thinking to all clients, but no two clients are trained the same… This is because no two clients share the same movement capability, goals and experience. Put simply, everyone has both a unique starting off point and desired finishing point and their training program is designed accordingly.


Jon’s focus is your specific end goal. Jon will guide you through the training, nutrition and lifestyle choices that play a key role in you becoming a leaner, stronger and more athletic version of yourself. When creating, reviewing and refining your program, two questions are at the forefront of Jon’s thinking: What’s the goal and how will what you’re doing help you achieve that goal?


Jon believes movement is key regardless of the goal and that improving your movement will speed  up the attainment of your goal…

Want to lose weight? Moving pain free through a larger range of motion will help.

Want to improve your sports performance? Having access to your full movement capacity is a must.

Want to get fit to play with the kids? Being able to reach down to pick up your kids and chase them around without ‘blowing up’ relies on good movement.

How Jon can help you

Jon is devoted to his craft. He is constantly updating his skill set and fine tuning his approach. He is determined to help you succeed and takes your success as seriously as you do. He is experienced, knowledgeable and committed. Get in touch at and start the journey towards a leaner, stronger and more athletic you.

Jon Reid Personal Trainer