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What is Panthera Performance?

Panthera Performance is an Edinburgh based personal training company that provides one-to-one fitness coaching for people who want to achieve a fitness related goal.

What Services do Panthera Performance Provide?

Panthera Performance provide three coaching services at their private personal training studio:

1. Exercise and Nutrition Coaching

One-to-one exercise and nutrition coaching that helps people lose weight, burn fat and build lean muscle. Clients are coached through a 12-week personal training program that aims to help them achieve their health and fitness goals by developing healthy exercise and nutrition habits.

2. Strength and Conditioning Coaching

One-to-one strength and conditioning coaching for people with one of three types of performance goal:

Sports Performance: Sport-specific strength and conditioning for athletes participating in a sport.

Fitness Events Training: Strength and conditioning coaching for those who want to partake in some sort of fitness event such as a Spartan Race, a self-set challenge or running event.

Training for Tactical Athletes: Strength and conditioning coaching for firefighters, police officers and military personnel that helps people in these professions stay fit and strong for their job.

3. Exercise Technique Coaching

One-to-one exercise technique sessions for people who want to learn exercise technique so they can train safely and effectively on their own.

What types of clients does Panthera Performance work with?

Panthera Performance works with ‘Everyday’ ‘Tactical’ and ‘Performance’ clients.

‘Everyday’ Clients are those whose fitness program is not the main focus of their life. Everyday clients have jobs, kids, hobbies and other commitments that leave them with minimal time to devote to fitness, thus everyday clients use exercise and nutrition to achieve ‘general’ health and fitness goals such as losing weight and becoming healthier.

‘Tactical Clients’ are those whose job requires them to be in a certain physical condition. Firefighters, police officers and military personnel are tactical athletes who use strength and conditioning to prepare for and recover from the demands of their job.

‘Performance Clients’ are those who wish to use strength and conditioning to facilitate the achievement of a competitive sports, fitness event or self-set physical performance goal.

The Panthera Performance Approach


Panthera Performance takes a holistic approach, believing that health and fitness goals are attained through the integration of several systems, and are not merely the result of a one hour training session.

Panthera Performance believes that for clients to achieve their goals, whether the goal be to lose weight or to place on the podium, equal attention needs to be paid to their training, nutrition, recovery and daily lifestyle.

Guiding Principles

Quality over Quantity

Quality is the first and foremost factor in every program and decision made. Panthera Performance believes in striving for the highest possible quality in everything it does, and tries to instil this approach in clients.

Individual, Goal Oriented and Better Movement

Panthera Performance believes in an individualised and goal oriented approach that develops movement quality whilst simultaneously working towards the client’s specific goal.

Healthy and Long Lasting Results

Panthera Performance’s programs are developed with the aim of helping clients achieve long-lasting results through steady and consistent effort that develops habits that enhance general health and quality of life.

Panthera Performance believes health and fitness goals can and should be attained in a manner that is conducive to long-term health and is opposed to extreme ‘quick fixes’, unnatural supplements and performance enhancing drugs.

What’s the Name All About!?


Lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars (panthera-leo, tigris, pardus and onca respectively) are strong, fast, agile and lean animals that move smoothly, powerfully and gracefully, and it is these physical qualities that Panthera Performance seeks to develop in their clients.


Panthera Performance clients work towards achieving some form of physical performance goal. For some that means losing weight, for others it means being stronger for their job or sport. Whatever the performance goal, Panthera Performance believes its coaching services will help clients perform better in their chosen role.