people exercising and achieving fitness success

7 Tips for Fitness Success

Start with the Basics

Start off with the basic movement patterns. In other words, focus on squats, deadlifts, pushes and pulls. Not only are these movements useful for achieving all kinds of health and fitness goals, but they lay the foundation for more advanced movements.

Secondly, start off with the most basic versions of each movement pattern. In other words, make sure you can bodyweight squat before you try to overhead squat.

Learn Proper Technique

Technique is the most important thing in weight training. Take time to learn safe and effective technique; this will pay off hugely in the long run as doing so will ensure you remain injury free and become stronger. Technique really is important. Technique. Learn safe and effective technique.

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Leave the Ego at the Door

Skipping to the most advanced variations of exercises or trying to follow an Olympian’s program isn’t a good idea. If you can’t bodyweight squat properly, loading up a bar and attempting an Olympic lift probably isn’t going to end well.

Similarly, be sensible about the amount of weight you can handle. If the weight alters your technique then it’s probably too heavy. This may seem obvious and you might think, “who would do that!?”, but attempting to run before being able to walk (in a metaphorically confusing weight training context) is the norm in gyms.

Compare Yourself with Yourself

Compare your progress with yourself, not the magazine fitness model, your pal, colleague, favourite sports stars or anything on Instagram. Be sensible in your approach, train hard, train safely and work towards your goals, not someone else’s. 

You Don’t Need Big Weights to Burn Calories and Build Muscle

Lifting lighter weights doesn’t mean you’re taking it easy. Performing several sets of compound movements with light or moderate weights (weights you can handle for 8-15 reps), taking short rest periods (about 45 seconds) and performing higher repetitions (12-20) is a great way to burn calories and stimulate muscle adaptations, particularly if you haven’t done much higher rep training.

Similarly, a lot can be achieved with bodyweight movements such as press-ups, dips and chin-ups — these are all great movements for stimulating increases in strength and muscle.

Don’t Skip Cardio

I was humbled in a garage in San Diego by a man 30 years older than me. Including cardio in your training program is important, regardless of your goal.

Focus On Real Food

Eat whole food. Protein, fruits and vegetables are the pillars of a healthy diet. Nutrition is as important to fitness success as the training. Provide your body with good fuel and reap the rewards with better recovery, training and energy levels. Download Nutrition Simplified for free for more nutrition information.


Stick to basic movements with good technique, focus on your own performance, do your cardio and eat well.

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